The Environmentally Conscious Robot

Every watershed needs a hero. Meet the Environmentally Conscious Robot and his trusty sidekick, Ducky! The Environmentally Conscious Robot’s life quest is helping people understand the concept of a watershed – an area of land that drains to a common water body – and why watersheds matter, impacting every single one of us. Follow the epic journey through city and town, across farm and field, to try and educate people about watersheds… to no avail.

“Why don’t they get it, Ducky?,” he laments, as they find themselves traveling down a lonely gravel road… it seems that all hope is lost.

But wait, what is that sweet, sweet sound? (Retuning antenna…) Could it possibly be the sound of people talking about watersheds?! Tune in here for the complete epic adventures of The Environmentally Conscious Robot!


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