Welcome to Water Rocks!

Making Waves with Youth Statewide

Check out our newly released 2018-19 Water Rocks! Evaluation Report to see how the Water Rocks! team is making waves and inspiring youth across the state to think, care, and act towards protecting water, land, and other natural resources around them!

The Pack is Back!

Here at Water Rocks! we believe that learning about natural resources should be fun and exciting. So what better way to bring a sense of curiosity and unbridled love for all things outdoors than through dogs? Our Conservation Pack dogs have been helping us teach about natural resources for years and they’ve been a huge hit with students of all ages! After all the adventures that Jackie, Stewy and Charlie went on, it’s time to let them retire and have a new generation of dogs take over … meet Obi, Basil, Tundra, and Taiga in the Conservation Pack Next Generation!

Request a Classroom Visit

Looking for a unique, interactive, high energy presentation to engage your students on natural resources issues related to water, wetlands, soil, ecosystems, biodiversity, pollinators, and more? Check out our classroom visits page to learn more about free classroom visits (4th - 7th grades prioritized, limited availability with other grades) and request a visit today!


Book a Water Rocks! Assembly

Water Rocks! Assemblies touch the hearts and minds of youth, teachers and parents using music, plays and total participation, all centered around the science of water quality. These school-wide assemblies cost $350 per school. We are currently booking for the 2019-2020 academic year.