Teacher testimonials

If you are thinking about booking an assembly with Water Rocks!, do it now! They are in huge demand across the state, so don’t delay! The students and teachers in your school will thank you for providing them with an awesome experience that promotes natural resources and conservation in an entertaining and engaging way. 

- Sandra Day, 21st Century Community Learning Center Program Director, Council Bluffs Community School District

It is so important that we educate our students about taking care of our water.  Water Rocks! is a program that does that! This engaging and outstanding educational program left a lasting impression and message on students and staff that we must all work together to take care of this valuable resource used and needed by all living things.                                                                                              

- Don Ortman, Rock Valley Elementary Principal

Water Rocks! was an excellent program for our Kindergartners through 8th grade students. Our kids had a phenomenal time singing, dancing, and learning different science concepts.

- Chad Harder, Tri-Center Community Schools Secondary Principal 

Interactive, music was very good, and upbeat presenters!
- Holy Trinity Elementary, West Point

Thank you so much (again) for making the trip to Decorah yesterday. The lesson was great and fit perfectly into what we are doing in my classes and with our field trip. ... The kids enjoyed the activity AND learned AND applied concepts AND talked about it outside of class (always a good sign). I hope we can involve you again in either a field trip or a class presentation.

- Meg Storkamp, Decorah Middle School, 7th grade science

The students were very attentive and actively involved in the demonstrations. They continued to talk about the things they learned after the team left. This is something we will review and re-visit in both science and social studies. 

- Fellows Elementary, Ames, 4th grade teacher

It was the BEST presentation I have seen in 20 years of teaching. The presenters were exciting and talked to the 10 year olds, not above them.

- Jones Co. 3rd Grade Teacher

The program gave the kids a very visual concept of erosion and conservation. An excellent program for our kids. Thank you!

- Roland-Story 2nd grade teacher

My kids loved your presentation! Also, your presenters were great and informative.

- Palo Alto Co. 5th grade teacher

This was an awesome presentation! My students loved it too. You did a great job of engaging students and keeping them involved. Your visual aids (posters) were great for helping them learn vocabulary and build deeper understanding of biodiversity. Excellent job using games to teach and keep them engaged. Love the program and hope you can visit again!

- Brookview Elementary teacher, Waukee

We have a student body of about 600 kids in grades 5--‐8, and I can honestly say that this assembly ROCKED. The kids were engaged and excited, and they probably did not even realize that they were LEARNING about our water systems and how they can have an impact on that resource.

- Sue Gradoville, Boone Middle School Counselor

The resources left with us after the program were packed full of pertinent lessons aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.  I was shocked at how many ideas for hands-on learning were shared in the CD.

- Deb Easter, 3rd grade teacher, Lawson Elementary (Johnston Community School District)

Thank you for the learning opportunities you and your team provided the AHS Earth & Space Science students! The other ESS teachers and I were very impressed with both the content and the staff during the day-long event. What impressed us the most is your team’s knowledge and enthusiasm about the content. With each group rotation, your staff greeted each group of ninth graders as if it was the first group they were working with. They made it exciting and interesting each and every time! The ninth graders are not always an “easy” group to work with. Your team did a fantastic job working with the teenagers and keeping their interest level high! Last year the Conservation Station was really well done and matched our classroom content. This year, wow! The additions you made really ramped up the participation and content connections! The hands-on aspects of the watershed mapping activity really increased the value of the trailer activity. The addition of the water testing and of the crop residue percentage activities really made the event meaningful for the students. It’s one thing to stand and listen to the content relationships, and quite another to actually think through and work through the content with the activities. I really appreciate these additions! You caused my students to be active and not passive learners! I also wanted to let you know that the additions you and your team have made to the Conservation Station more closely tie-in to our Course Level Expectations for AHS. 

- DeAnna Tibben, Ames High School Earth & Space Science

You three did an excellent job with the 4th graders here in Orange City. Your presentation was active and engaging and the kids talked about it for the rest of the week. The visuals you used were great and the hopscotch game was a very effective way of communicating that migration is a challenging part of life for some animals.

- Orange City 4th Grade Teacher

As the Ag Ed Instructor and FFA Advisor, I coordinated this activity with our elementary teachers. The feedback I got from them was very positive. I believe that they signed up to visit the Conservation Station so they could get a little field trip in. What they got was some outstanding natural resource education for the students. What impressed me the most about your crew, was how they could be so effective with every age group that they presented to! From 1st graders up to the high school kids – they knew how to teach each group! WOW! I was very impressed with the ability of the teachers and the Station itself (including the rainfall simulator). Great job! 

- Juston Lamb, Pekin CSD