Isle of Plastic

It’s been a while since you and I have gone somewhere
A getaway is long past due
Let’s go someplace where we can toss our cares
Yes, let’s visit a place that’s different

It’s the latest wonder of all the seas
There’s not too many people that go there
Right between the Bay and Hawaii
Now how does that sound
Let’s head there right now

We can have the time of our live
It’s so fantastic on the Isle of Plastic
A 3.5 million ton mass of toxic waste we can see

We can pull right up to the beach front
Watch the plastic bags as they roll in
From the Phillipines, Japan, the USA,
That’s what it’s made of
The Earth feels our love

We can hike the vast glorious terrain
See the reason dolphins are dying
No other place on Earth is the same
It is so inviting
It’s very exciting

We can watch marine life while feeding
It’s quite drastic on the Isle of Plastic
And that’s the food we’re also eating
Such health for humanity

Now let me get a little more serious
About the albatross, the dolphins,
Turtles and the jellyfish
The fact that our negligence is killing them
Really should be enough
But our hearts are never touched

It’s not another great fiction movie
With scenes of sadness all within
But seems to work out in the end
Is this the end?
Only more time will tell
If this is our epic fail

Will we ever get a chance to clean up
All this trash, it’s an Isle of Plastic
Humanity, I’m speaking to you
Will we live a catch 22?

Let’s get off the Isle of Plastic
We need to start using less plastic
We shouldn’t have an Isle of Plastic
The change starts with me and you!