Litany of the Prairie

Discover the enchanting beauty and wonder of Iowa's prairie across the four seasons! This litany highlights the amazing biodiversity of the tallgrass prairie that once covered Iowa's landscape and helped to build our state's rich, fertile soils.

Enhancement Activities  

Grades K-2

What Am I? 
Prairie Roots 
Home on the Prairie -  Worksheet 
Prairie Food Chain - Worksheet 
Predator and Prey on the Prairie - Worksheet  |  Answer Key

Grades 3-5

Prairie Root Systems 
Prairie Food Web 
Prairie Plants - Worksheet  |  Answer Key 
Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores - Worksheet  |  Answer Key 
Niches on the Prairie - Worksheet  |  Answer Key 
Prairies, Wetlands and Croplands: Keys to the Future Lie in the Past