4th Grade Teacher Barb Davis
Educates + Inspires

Meet Barb Davis, a 4th grade teacher at Resurrection Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa, who is wild about Water Rocks!. After attending the June 2016 Water Rocks! Teacher Summit, Barb had this to say:

“From the moment I arrived to the end of the course on the second day, it was a fast-paced, informative, and active meeting. The materials that were provided and given to each team were well-designed and practical for educating students on the variety of issues that were presented.”

Barb took her enthusiasm for what she learned at the Summit back to her classroom, where she has been diligently working to incorporate Water Rocks! games, videos and activities into her lesson plans.

“There were so many activities and videos that work with my 4th grade curriculum that I wanted to include them all!,” Barb told us. Her favorite Water Rocks! material is the Wonderful World of Wetlands module. Barb’s 4th grade students just recently finished several lessons using Water Rocks! resources to explore the biodiversity in wetland ecosystems, and the important jobs wetlands do for the natural world.

Barb’s love for educating others about preserving natural resources stretches beyond the classroom. She and her husband are volunteer organizers of summer hiking and backpacking trips for Sierra Club members to mountain ranges in the Western U.S. Barb also leads her school’s environmental club that involves forty 4th and 5th graders at Resurrection Elementary.

Barb has been teaching for twenty-three years, and has taught students from Kindergarten through 7th grade. She’s been teaching 4th graders now for four years, and loves how enthusiastic they are about learning! She finds that Water Rocks! activities are perfect for the ages and grade level of her students.

“So many teachers are apprehensive about teaching science. With these well-designed and age-appropriate tools, how can they not help but be excited and confident about the concepts that they are presenting!”

We are ecstatic about how educator Barb Davis has worked Water Rocks! resources into her classroom science lessons. Barb and other teachers like her are helping to raise awareness with future generations on environmental issues affecting our state. We want to give Barb a great big shout out for all her hard work, and say THANK YOU for utilizing Water Rocks! to get the word out about conserving Iowa’s natural resources!

Photographs provided by Resurrection Elementary, Dubuque