Groundwater and Aquifers

70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. Only 1% of this water is readily available for human use, and of that 1%, 99% is stored beneath our feet as groundwater! That makes groundwater an incredibly valuable natural resource, even if we can’t see it or even know that it’s there. That’s why we refer to groundwater as “Hidden Water” here at Water Rocks!

Half of the U.S. population relies on groundwater for drinking water, and that number goes up to nearly 99% in rural areas. About 64% of groundwater is used to irrigate agricultural crops.

So just how do we access that out-of-sight groundwater? Through wells, water is brought up from aquifers (areas underground that hold water in the gaps between rock, sand, or gravel) to the surface for human use. The following resources will help you “dive in” to a pool of information about groundwater and aquifers.

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